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The Story of Mermaid's Canvas


Every person is born creative. If you watch young children they naturally pic up crayons and paints. They sing and dance like no one is watching. Somewhere along the way most of us are taught to color within the lines...that the sky is blue and the grass is green. My passion is helping people paint the sky purple and the grass orange if it will bring joy to their souls.

Marjorie Schoelles
Creator | Mermaid's Canvas

I was born in Clearwater and grew up in Mexico Beach - yep, a native Floridian. I had the same school bus driver from kindergarten through graduation, Mrs. Curley. My dad was a Merchant Marine radio officer and my mom had a retail store called Chri's Gift Shop. A basketball goal was set up in the back yard and my friend down the street, Steve Hughes, used to lose to me on a regular basis in games of HORSE. He could outmaneuver me all day long in one-on-one, but I was a good shot. Probably came from developing my eye/hand coordination during all those hours of sketching and paint by numbers. Except I kinda sucked at Paint by numbers - I always wanted to blend them together and use my own version of what should be #3 or #7.

Hi, my name is Marjorie Schoelles and I'm the creator behind Mermaid's Canvas. After decades in corporate life, living all over the United States. I moved back to my home state with my Hoosier husband and two cats. My 3 remarkable step kids are grown and our making the world a better place. When we moved back to Florida I was still employed in corporate, but had a driving desire to get out and do more with my life that directly tied to my creativity.

Now 9 years later I have my own businesses and no longer go to the office everyday. A few years back I wrote a children's book called "Now I Wish Upon a Pearl." You can find it and the Mermaid Sand filled necklaces, treasure bags and notecards at I've kept a promise to myself about being more creative so you can also find my original paintings and prints at And because I grew up making jewelry for that gift shop my mom had we are soon launching And of course, we have Mermaid's Canvas Painting Parties!

Yes, it's busy...but everything flows into the other with the overarching mission of creating value and amazing, long lasting memorizes for our clients. So while there may be multiple different ways in touching your heart, igniting your creativity and sharing special moments with your friends and family, my reason for creating Mermaid's Canvas and the other things listed above is simple - I want a more joyful life, filled with goodness and hope for all of us!

Join us soon for a couple of hours of fun!

All the best, Marjorie