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Your Painting Party Questions Answered!

What is a painting party like?

You pick the class you want based on the painting and day/time. Please pre-pay here on the home page or in person at The Loft on Reid. You are welcome to bring the beverage of your choice for the approximate two hour session. We set up the tables with chairs, easels and canvases. Depending on the subject, we may pre-sketch​ the canvas so you can concentrate on painting and having fun. And that is what it's really about - sitting down to have fun, create memories and walk away with your own creation!

What areas do you serve?

The main class location is in Port St Joe, FL at The Loft on Reid, 207 Reid Ave. We are also set up to be mobile, so we can bring the painting party to you. This includes areas in Tallahassee down to the coast in St.Marks and over as far as Panama City. If this is a larger party (20 or more) then we will range all the way to the Destin/Ft Walton area. Please call Marjorie directly for questions on private party destinations.​

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

Yes - 24 hours or more before the class is best. Because the instructor and helper will be busy setting up for the class - and there is limited seating - anyone coming to the class that has not paid may not be able to get a seat. You can pay here on this site on the HOME page or in person at Sea & Soul, 106 Reid Ave, Port St Joe, FL  Class registration closes one hour before class starts.

I'm not much of an artist - is a painting party still for me?

Absolutely! Sometimes it's more fun for "non-painters" because we stress enjoying the experience. With the guided step-by-step instruction during the class the pressure is low and the ability to go with the flow is easy.​ For artists that want to relax or for those that work in other media (sculpture, ceramics, jewelry) the painting party is a great way to explore acrylics with no long term investment in your own supplies. The only thing that is required is the interest in being there and the desire to learn and grow a little while having fun.

What do I need to bring to class?

You bring yourself and what you want to drink or snack on during the approximate 2 hour session. We supply aprons, easels, canvases, brushes, paint and pallets. ​Everything is set up for you - we want you to be able to come in, sit down, have fun and relax!

Do I keep the painting?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Our goal is for you to walk out with a signed painting that you can hang in your home, share on social media and generally brag about your experience,

Can I go to more than one class?

Many people find the experience fun and often come back with friends and family in tow. We are developing new subjects all the time for that reason. One Friday may be a beach scene and the following day we are painting a flamingo. Marjorie decided to begin Mermaid's Canvas when she saw the potential after watching her sister-in-law and grown daughters going to classes every few weeks in Kentucky.

Why should I sign up for a Mermaid's Canvas class - what is different?

Two of the biggest differences are we tend to concentrate on coastal themed art and we use specific brushes for each painting. By "specific brushes" we mean that some paintings are easier to create using an angle, fan and filbert while others may be better with a bright, larger filbert and round. Unlike some of the larger chain painting party companies we have a wider selection of brushes so we can be sure the best ones are used for the participants maximum enjoyment and ease.

Can I bring my own supplies?

Some folks have a favorite paintbrush so we won't say "no." But ​we do suggest using our brushes and paints for two reasons. You'll get the best result by using what the original artist used to create the painting you signed up to recreate. And heck, let us do the work of setting up and then cleaning up. We want you to be able to step away with canvas in hand, take a group picture for our social media pages and then not worry about cleaning up! That's one of the fun parts about painting parties - all the results, none of the washing 🙂

I have a special event I'm planning and would like to make this a group thing.

See more info about Private Painting Parties Here. It's a blast and a sure way to make long lasting memories for your group.

Can this be used for a business event?

Using the painting party format for team building and milestone celebrations is a great way to bring your folks together. Everyone expects to sit in meetings and watch PowerPoint slides. Show that your company and mission is different by bringing creativity to the workplace. Some of the ways it can work out is by having a custom design done by Marjorie that has each team member painting a portion of a larger picture or painting their own keepsake subject. If you are interested in a business solution please contact Marjorie directly at 850.294.9995 or marjorie​ As a 19 year veteran of corporate life, she knows what it takes to keep teams motivated for top performance.

Do you have other questions? Please text 850.294.9995 or email Marjorie directly and she will answer as soon as it helps us add to the list here! Thank you!!!