Mermaids Canvas Painting Party Gallery

Painting Parties in Port St Joe, FL, hosted inside Sea & Soul Gifts at 106 Reid Ave 

NOTE: The "Level" number ​​​​next to the painting names are an approximation of details and difficulty of each painting. In no way does this mean that a total newbie painter should hesitate to register for a Level 5. We have seen great results from "non artists" on ALL levels. Think of the numbers more as a guide for the details and amount to be learned from each painting. 

We add new painting party subjects regularly!

Here are our current paintings available. Contact Marjorie directly for a custom design at 850.295. nine, nine, nine five.

Sunlight Mermaid   Level 1

Summer Beach Day   Level 1

Port st joe painting party

Traveling Triplet Turtles  Level 2

Blue Heron Bay  Level 2

Palmy Beach   Level 2

Pinky the Flamingo   Level 2

Pelican painting

August the Pelican  Level 3

Painting party

Tony The Seahorse    Level 3

  Starfish and Stripes   Level 3

Oyster Trio  Level 3

angel holding startfish on beach

Star Angel   Level 3

Night Sky Star Angel

Blue Angel   Level 3

Tulips by the Sea  Level 4

Port st joe painting party

Neon Palms    Level 4

Mr. Finley the Turtle    Level 5

Franky Pink   Level 5

Pine Cove  Level 5

Dolphin Pair   Level 5