Earth Day and Mermaids

When I think about Earth Day I think about the potential we have to make a difference every single day. And I also think about the amount of waste that goes into landfills weekly - or worse - what is dumped in the waters of earth. 

Imagine being a turtle swimming, being tangled in netting. This photo is from

Mermaids Canvas blog

Sea Turtle caught in netting

And then there are those that are meant to make a difference like 22 year old Boyan Slat, founder of Ocean Cleanup with the goal of removing 154 million pounds of trash from the ocean over the next 10 years. Read more here!

Ocean Cleanup details

Boyan Slat Credit: Ocean Cleanup

It's easy to be discouraged by the news and negative social postings. But ask yourself "what good does it do to be drug down?" Instead, concentrate on what CAN be done - no matter how small. 

  • Take a collection bag with you on walks so you can pick up trash and litter.
  • Use an in-home water filter or one of those that sits in the fridge instead of individual bottles.
  • When shopping look for options that have less packaging or find a way to utilize bulk foods, using your own containers.
  • Up-cycle furniture. Make use of Pinterest or Houzz for ideas of reusing existing furniture or refurbishing thrift store finds. The more pressboard we keep out of landfills the better off we are in general.
  • Be aware that we live in a "disposable" society and ask yourself the next time you are shopping if you need new or if another option will work as well.
  • And of course, the obvious is recycle. But it goes beyond cardboard. It includes building materials, glassware, paints, furniture...basically about anything you can eat, drive, sit on or live in - you get the idea 🙂

If I were a mermaid I think it would be a full time job protecting the oceans - so as a land mermaid I'll do what I can to help, no matter how small it may seem, every effort matters!

All the Best, Marjorie​


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