Hurricane Michael worries for Sea & Soul in Port St Joe

My wish is for safety and minimal damage for everyone!

Sitting in my home in Tallahassee, watching online updates and listening to the radio reports of Hurricane Michael, reminds me of what I tell people during our painting parties. “Be in the moment.”

Being in the moment means releasing the worry of what “might be.” In creativity, it’s releasing the attachment to the outcome. Trusting that what is happening will work out – even if it’s not what you originally planned.

No matter what I sit here and think, worry or talk about – it’s not going to change the outcome of whether my store Sea & Soul Gifts will be standing after landfall. It’s comforting to see updates by friends on Facebook of their safety – much better than when I was growing up and didn’t know how things fared until returning from evacuation. I am so grateful for the information while trying really hard to not be overwhelmed by the magnitude and out-of-depth feeling of the situation. It reminds me of some painters I have seen tense up to the point where every brushstroke is a chore.

Yes, I realize painting may seem an inappropriate comparison to the strain and upcoming impact of Hurricane Michael. But think on the concept of being in the moment. There will be times in the coming days, weeks and months where folks would have contacted the insurance companies, sorted through what is left and be struggling with next steps. We will need a break, a few moments to think of nothing but a cool breeze, cooking a favorite dish or creating something of beauty. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised – keeping us from always being on edge – giving us the opportunity to breath, think and act on a single moment in time, for however it lasts.

hurricane michael at port st joe

Being in the moment right now means I can concentrate on other things – maybe not as well as on a sunny day, but still better than being glued to media. Staying informed is great – being at the emotional mercy of what you cannot control is destructive.

My greatest hope is that people are safe, animals are sheltered, and our lives will be minimally impacted by what is turning out to be the strongest storm in this area in the last 100 years. Whatever does happen, be safe. Take moments to rest. Accept help when offered. Offer help when able. And if it all becomes too much, step back and take time to “be in the moment.” It’s a sure sanity saver.


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