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Interested in your own private group Painting Party? Perfect, you're in the right place!

We make it simple to gather your friends and family together, creating memories in a fun atmosphere. 

FAQ's about doing a private painting party:

Should I do a private event versus bringing everyone to a regular class?

It depends on the size of your group and the days and times you can all gather together. If it's less than 8 participants it's better to come to a class. If you have 4 or more folks on your list you will want to secure your own date and time. By doing a private party you are assured that you can arrange the seating exactly how you want it.

What's the cost of a private party versus signing up for a regular class?

If you hold your private party at Sea & Soul (106 Reid Ave, Port St Joe FL) then you pay the $35 per person as long as you have 4 participants or more. If you want us to come to your location you must have 8 participants and there is a $150 additional fee to cover our time of packing up, transporting and set up. In order for it to be a success off site, you'll need plenty of flat workspace and running water. Just like a regular class, we supply the canvases, paint and full instruction. Regular classes are $35 per person and we frequently have groups of 2 or 3 that hang out and have fun with other participants.

What other reasons do people have to do private parties?

The number one is they get to chose which painting everyone will do and the time and day. And the second reason people give is that they want to be able to have the group together in a private setting so it's easier to talk, take pictures and hang out rather than being part of a general class.​

How far in advance do I need to call?

At least two weeks in advance is optimal. That way both you and the folks running the class have time to prepare. However, if you have an opportunity to bring friends and family together on a day that we already have other classes scheduled we will try our best to accommodate a shorter turn around.​

What if I only have 6 people I want to invite?

If the party day and time is on a day that other classes are occurring we may be able to accommodate the smaller number. If the day and time are on a day that requires the instructor/artist to travel from a different location then the full amount of 8 participants will need to be paid to secure the private party.​ While we would love to accommodate any number at any time, pesky little things like gas, rent and time on the road get in the way 🙂

I want the party to be at my house!

Great! We a​re set up to be mobile, bringing the painting party to you. We still require a minimum of 8 people and a $150 non refundable fee. When we come to your location we have table covers, easels, canvas, paint, brushes and palettes that we set up and prep for your group. Classes usually take about 2 hours and the instruction includes everything from the first brushstrokes to signing your name. All you need to provide are the people (minimum of 8 prepaid 48 hours in advance) flat surfaces and running water!

​What do I need to do to schedule my private party?
  • ​Determine your most desired date, time and location as well as your next choice in case your first one is already booked.
  • Call Marjorie directly at 850-294-9995 for confirmation and to chose the painting subject you want for the party.
  • You have two choices about payment. Prepaying by invoice for the number of people at the party or having the individuals pay via a private page we set up. It is strongly recommended that you prepay to assure the date and time are secured. One of the most disappointing things is only have 4 or 5 folks take the extra step to pay themselves and running the risk of the party not having enough people for the minimum of 8. NOTE FROM MARJORIE: If the private party is scheduled on a day I'm in town doing other classes I will try to accommodate a smaller number. I live in Tallahassee so I hope folks can understand the 2 hour drive down is tough if only 4 people sign up for a day not on a regular class schedule. I will do everything possible to be sure your special party happens and hope you can work with me to be sure we have 8 or more for the event! ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE PREPAID 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE
  • For private parties off site at your own location a $150 non-refundable fee is invoiced to you the day your party is confirmed.

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